Q & A

Q:  Duane

You have my vote! Best of luck to you!!!

Thanks so much, Duane for reaching out and for your vote!


Q: Dawn

2 weeks before election and i dont know you or your platform

Thanks for reaching out.
It’s getting a little tricky to keep up with the website this last month. I apologize.
The Facebook page, DB4MI, has a little more regular posts, including links to audio & video speech’s and forums.
If you’d like to respond with your area, I can tell you when I’ll be there next, so you can meet me in person and ask any questions you’d like.
Looking forward to hearing from you.


Q:  Barbara

Primary is November 7, 2018. Where do you get Nov. 6 as “the big day”? See ABOUT link on this website. Does not look good for a candidate to get the election date wrong!!!

Thanks for your diligence in proofreading my site!

For me the “Big Day” has always been November 6th because I did not have a Primary opponent.  It would have been possible for a Democratic write in candidate to have challenged and won against me in the Primary, but that scenario was highly unlikely.


Q:  Richard,

why should I vote for you? how are you going to get democrats to get out and vote when then didn’t vote for president in 2016? what kind of car do you drive? (don’t care if you drive a car not made here just want to know if you bought it because it was American or did you make an informed choice)

People should vote for me because I am an average working person, just like most of the people in this district. I believe in ideas that work for everyday people and not in politicians who work for themselves and special interests, while excluding everyday people.

I encourage people all the time to get out and vote and get others to vote too. I believe and have stated, repeatedly,  that voting is the most minimal participation in our now fragile democracy.  I talk to people all over about gathering with friends to discuss ballot issues. To start with proposals, that can be confusing and move into discussions of why each person supports this or that proposal or person. I encourage people to make this an enjoyable, fun event, with WIFI so they can look things up.

I drive a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I bought it used about four years ago, because it was a good deal. It has well over 200,000 miles on it. We have purchase several Chrysler vehicles over the years because my father worked for Chrysler. Interestingly, while I was in college, I found out that, I believe it was Honda, at the time, had the most USA produced content of any vehicle sold in USA. I haven’t checked recent statistics. I graduated in 2010, so not that long ago.


Q:  Nicole,

Michigan has protected a parents choice to vaccinate or not vaccinate by allowing 3 types of vaccine exemptions. Will you uphold and maintain this law as is, or make any changes to it?
What is your stance on the women’s rights issue of abortion?


Regarding vaccine exemptions:
There may be new information brought forth related to immunizations, waivers, and/or public health issues, therefore, I cannot make promises related to future vaccine exemption law.

I believe since the beginning of time women have sought to end unwanted pregnancies through a variety of means: throwing themselves down stairs, ingesting concoctions, and back alley butchers. In more recent times, women with enough money could pay handsomely for a quiet, private, discreet and, at times, illegal medical procedure.
I believe that a women’s health, in any capacity, is a  private matter to be discussed with her doctor.
I believe that there have been significant studies and proven programs that work to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Programs like that could work in Michigan.
I believe there is NO business discussing restricting a woman’s choices while simultaneously restricting prenatal healthcare, infant, and child healthcare.
I believe a woman has a right to choose. I am Pro-Choice. I support Planned Parenthood.