Working People in Michigan

You may hear from some sources that everything in Michigan is peachy!
However, a study published in June 2017 by Michigan Futures, states that 74% of Michigan workers are experiencing stagnating or declining wages. That is a very different picture and a very big percentage. What is your experience?

One thing that happens while campaigning is that you meet a lot of other candidates. I have been quite struck by the Democratic Candidates. A few candidates are retired workers, while others are currently working full time – then running campaigns outside of their jobs.

Many years ago, I talked to an acquaintance about my concerns for then candidate for Governor, Dick DeVos. I was concerned about how so wealthy of an individual would ever be able to understand having to make a decision about affording something like medicine or a visit to the Doctor. Have you or someone you know had to decline a prescription, Doctor visit, or medical test due to cost?

The Democratic candidates are hard working people, seeking to represent other hard working people.
That’s how it should be!


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